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The following Adult Affiliates for porn sites are in our company allready some years in use. With the most affiliate mangers we have a good contact witch is getting better the last years. Those adult affiliates we list here you could promote with out problems. Everybody who join one of sponsors could ask me everytime for help in promoting.

With over 100 sites from movie sites to budget priced sites this adult sponsor has something that will appeal every one of your surfers. They understand how much you and your surfers hate popups. And we know how important it is to maintain the surfers' trust. That's why this adult affiliate program is totally console free and one of its best sponsors for us.
AWE is one of the top livecam affiliates with really great conversions. If you have the right livesex or livecam traffic join them and relax. I guess i donīt need to talk really about this adult sponsor. The most of you will know them. They offer to all of their webmasters a  free Epassporte account.
Payserve Payserve's strategy is to provide the webmasters with all tools needed and have sites which surfers will love to visit over and over again. Mixing these two things brings your traffic together with their sites. We believe that keeping a customer is easier than gaining one. That means that adult sponsor want to provide a Webmaster with everything he dreamt of. IMO one of the Top affiliates from Europe
Totemcash TotemCash's Affiliate Network offers a 50% partnership program. The sites they manage include StripSaver, VirtuaGirl, Virtuaguy and others. VirtuaGirl is the most downloaded sexy software ever with over 150 million downloads since its launch. Average conversion ratio is about 1/200. Strippers on desktops convert amazingly with any kind of traffic (even free host and TGP) because they are unique. To help you convert, VirtuaGirl is packed full of porn stars such as Aria Giovanni, Nikki Nova, AnnaMarie Goddard, Sunny Leone... They also provide tons of hosted galleries, banners and other advertising material. This is in my opinion the number one of all adult affiliates ever promotet.
SEXMoney is an international operating affiliate program presently operating 40 different membership packages, covering more than 80 niches, with 400 different products including the original cell phone cash boxes in about 25 different languages. 350+ sites are available. Promo material includes; full page ads (FPA), half page ads (HPA), banners, free hosted galleries (FHG) and geo-targeted ads. In addition to tons of promotional content and free content, this adult affiliate also offers unique niche sites with six different payment systems including; credit card, dialer, sms, checks, direct debit, and voice call. SEXMoney offers sites with or without consoles with no reduction in payout level. If you're looking for a sponsor that can convert international and exit traffic whether it comes from free site, tgp galleries, or any type of site, SEXMoney should be your choice. Join

Tipps and tricks to promote an Adult affiliate


  • Never promote in the starting to much affiliates. Join them and than choose your best 3 to start. Choose those who offer you private favourite niches
  • If you are a beginner never start with the big porn niches or keywords. Some Webmasters try to bring them to the top of Google and Yahoo allready some years. Takes the niche keys which nobody promote
  • Never belive that you get rich with one porn site. Its hard work and he most webmasters never earn more than 500$ a month.
  • Check your country laws not everything is allowed